Posted on: October 6, 2008 3:16 pm

What a crappy Wisconsin sports weekend!!!!!

For some reason it seemed the schedule makers were against us from the start since game 3 of the Brewers/Phils was head to head with the Badgers and game 4 was head to head with the Packers.

The Brewers game I Saturday I was a guardedly optimistic about since Bush really seemed to be pitching well lately.  It was a really well played game and the defense was great.  The only thing I came away worried about was that Torres, much like the rest of September, looked borderline ineffective.  Luckily there was a runners interference call, otherwise he'd have never gotten out of the inning unscathed.  I had no confidence in him going into the series and it only solidified my feelings.

The Badger game I was worried about going into it.  After seeing them give up a 19-0 lead to Michigan I figured this game would be a dogfight and early on it looked all OSU.  The Badger's did a good job of making a game of it, but unfortunately the game ended about as expected.  Now they have to deal with Penn State and that's going to be a real tough game to even stay close in.

Then Sunday rolled around and the Brewers game was my primary focus, with the Packers on the little window of my PIP.  I figured it wouldn't take long for the Brewers to give up a huge lead since Suppan (the worst pitcher in their rotation in September and a guys who's been giving up 5-6 runs in the first few innings of nearly every games he's pitched lately) and sure enough he's crushed for 3 bombs and 5 runs in 3 innings.  Then I lost it when they brought in Gallardo...why the heck wasn't he starting this game?!?!  He pitched well in the two starts he's had since coming off the DL and if not for Weeks dropping a ball at first base may have been in line to win game 1 of the series.  If I have to hear one more Brewer's manager say "we brought in Suppan to win big games like this" I'm going to vomit.  He's been GARBAGE down the stretch, why in the hell would you put the season on his arm when Gallardo is available?!?!  This is one I won't get over for a long time.

Then there's the Packers...what can I say.  Ted Thompson and Mike MaCarthy were right, Rodger's is the best QB for this team.  He's proven to be tough, smart and sharp on the field and gives them the best chance to win going forward...but that defense is atrocious!!!  The defensive line is terrible and it seems any team can run at will on these guys.  The secondary, when they can stay on their feet, seemed to play OK this weekend but the rush defense was absolutely pathetic.  If they don't do something to start generating a consistent pass rush and start tackling running backs they'll be lucky to win 8 games.  Oh, and one other thing, can we PLEASE STOP HOLDING!!!  It's painful to watch all the yellow laundry left on the field week after week.

What a friggin crappy weekend of WI sports!!!
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